Instant Chat Users can start an IM session with a colleague for quick responses to questions. As more engagement is needed on a subject, invite multiple parties to join in on the same conversation. Also, get reconnected to the topic by rejoining existing conversations.
Enhanced Presence Indicator Presence display user location and photo while giving users control through enhanced privacy settings. Presence status can be set by a user or automatically based on calendar, login status, and more. Users can individualize access levels for different contacts to share information with them.
Communicator Web App (Browser) Is it easy to connect to your team thru any web browser.
Mobile app (Communicator Mobile) Stay connected and productive outside of the office, nearly anywhere with an Internet connection—with no VPN or specialized hardware required.
Desktop/Laptop app (Office Communicator) Office Communicator 2007 R2 integrates the various ways you communicate and provides one application to give you a rich and flexible experience every time.
Peer Audio/Video Whether you prefer instant messaging, audio, or video, it is all available in one application. Start an instant messaging conversation with a colleague, invite more people to the conversation, switch to voice, and add video with simple one-click actions.
Peer Desktop Sharing With the new desktop sharing capability, you can easily collaborate with your colleagues and team members without the costly overhead of organizing elaborate meetings.
Technical Support Netways provides expert technical support available. Support available 24/7 at by emailing with your issue after which you will be assigned a support ticket number.
Please refer for support procedure and SLA types for more information.
Monitoring 24/7 Site will be under monitoring 24/7