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SSL Encryption
End-to-end encryption using SSL to keep you and your data secure.
SSL encryption allows for improved security in communications to and from the site and allows users to feel more secure in their site activities. Feel secure in the knowledge that your privacy is being maintained.
SSL encryption for custom domain names like requires a dedicated certificate for each site.
Easy to Use
It is easy to use over web access or outlook
With so many messages flying around an office, it will be so easy to be always recognize all your information emails, contacts, calendars, and notes by easy way thru using web access, integration with outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 or by using your smartphone.

Keep connected 24 hours by using your phone mobile
Accessing your emails, contacts, calendars, and notes is easier than ever now with your Smart Phone or WAP capable browser on a mobile phone you can read, send and always notified with all your mail.
Spam Firewall
Keep protected from threats
Some of the biggest threats in the e-mail world are the spams and phishing mails which you receive. Besides being threats; managing them takes away your precious time and reduces your overall productivity.
Task management and assignment Do not loss your business opportunity keep organized with all your business activity and track all tasks.
Web-based control panel
It is easy to add and manage your organization users
It is easy to add and manage your organization users just click and with few seconds you will control and manage all your organization users add, deactivate, Forwarding,… and a lot of benefits you can control.
Technical Support
Expert technical support by phone, email or through our tutorial content.
Netways provides expert technical support available. Support available 24/7 at by emailing with your issue after which you will be assigned a support ticket number.
Please refer for support procedure and SLA types for more information.

Monitoring 24/7


Site will be under monitoring 24/7
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