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Stay up to date with e-mail alerts when anything is added, changed or removed.
Alerts help users stay up to date with when content changes on a site. A user can create multiple alerts which will send e-mails on a specified schedule (immediately when something changes on the SharePoint site or on a schedule day of the week).
​Microsoft Office Integration ​Microsoft Office SharePoint Server integrates with Microsoft Office 2003 well and with Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 extremely well. The primary application for SharePoint-Office integration is Microsoft Outlook. With Outlook 2003 you can synchronize unidirectional information to the Outlook client from SharePoint contacts lists and events/calendars.
​SharePoint Mobile Access
WAP browser compatibility for your SharePoint sites.
​Accessing your content is easier than ever now that SharePoint supports mobile access with your Smart Phone or WAP capable browser on a mobile phone. Lists, document libraries, contacts, and other information stored on your site can be viewed and modified on your device. You may need client side software such as a mobile browser to take full advantage of this feature.
​Import Spreadsheets
Import and share your Excel data on SharePoint sites and lists.
​It is easy to import spreadsheets into a SharePoint site to create custom lists – all you need is Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. Once a custom list is created, it’s easy to keep the information updated – and you can always export the data to a spreadsheet once you finished using it on the site.
​Take SharePoint Data Off-line
Outlook 2007 allows you to take documents, contacts and lists off-line.
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server integrates with Microsoft Office 2003 well and with Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 extremely well. The primary application for SharePoint-Office integration is Microsoft Outlook. In Outlook 2003 you can synchronize unidirectional information to the Outlook client from SharePoint contacts lists and events/calendars.
​SharePoint Application Templates
Many industry specific applications for SharePoint.
​Application templates are out-of-the-box custom scenarios tailored to address the needs and requirements of specific business processes or sets of tasks in organizations of any size. They can be applied to a task, such as managing a help desk or tracking a marketing campaign, to easily create a dedicated web-based application for a more efficient and effective way of working.
Keep current with version control while having the option to roll back to the past.
​Do you e-mail different versions of documents back and forth so many times that you lose track of which version is the most current, or who made the last changes? SharePoint solves this problem managing document versioning for many popular Microsoft Office documents from applications such as Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio and OneNote.
​E-mail Enabled Sites
Libraries, lists and discussions have addresses.
​Document Libraries, Lists, Discussions and some other web-parts may be configured to receive incoming e-mail with attachments. Each SharePoint site comes with “” addresses which customers may configure to be associated with a particular library or list.
​Adobe PDF Support
SharePoint recognizes and searches inside many PDF documents.
​SharePoint recognizes and searches inside many Adobe PDF documents. Not every PDF is compatible with SharePoint search (for example many scanned documents which have not been through an OCR text recognition process which correctly orients text, straightens the text on the page and makes it searchable).
​PowerPoint Slide Libraries
Manage your slides and assemble new presentations from the library.
​SharePoint provides a great way to organize your corporate slides used to make slide decks and presentations. After making a slide library and adding slides you can easily use PowerPoint and select individual slides to make your presentations.
​* SSL Encryption
End-to-end encryption using SSL to keep you and your data secure.
​SSL encryption allows for improved security in communications to and from the site and allows users to feel more secure in their site activities. Feel secure in the knowledge that your privacy is being maintained. SSL encryption for custom domain names like requires a dedicated certificate for each site. This option must be purchased with an annual hosting plan.
​Migration Assistance
We can help or provide expertise to convert your SharePoint data.
​We can help or provide assistance to convert your SharePoint data to the current version of the SharePoint technology. Please contact us regarding your migration requirements.
All SharePoint sites are backed up and rotated offsite for your peace of mind.
​All your data is backed up nightly and then rotated offsite on a weekly basis in a three set rotation, and all our SharePoint technology is built on a fault-tolerant platform allowing us to maintain a high level of service continuity for all your business communications, Remote backup access service can be configured on any shared hosting plan for a monthly fee.
​Recycle Bin
Never lose a document again with an administrator controlled recycle bin.
​Never lose a document again with a site collection administrator controller recycle bin. The new recycle bin feature allows you to retain deleted documents, lists, and other items for a period of time. Be secure in the knowledge that even if a user with permissions to delete a document that only a site collection administrator can permanently delete it for up to 30 days.
​SharePoint Blogs

Start your own SharePoint based blog today and enjoy many popular blogging features including:

  • Smartphone and PDA support - access and post to your blog from a WAP browser
  • RSS Feeds - keep your readers up to automatically


​RSS Feeds
Easily configure RSS feeds to keep up to date with all sections of your sites.
​RSS is an acronym that stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS has become a standard in the Blogging industry today as a way to stay up to date with notifications about content changes or additions. RSS has now been incorporated into the SharePoint platform as an alternate means of staying up to date with SharePoint content such as lists or document libraries
​Wiki Sites & Pages
Capture and share institutional knowledge with SharePoint wiki’s.
​Popular wiki sites have now become a mainstay of the internet and provide a collaborative environment to share information. With SharePoint you can create your own wiki’s, link documents together and provide a great solution to capture institutional knowledge.
Share news and short bits of information with team members.
​How do you keep your team members and partners up to date with information on your site? Simple – just create a new announcement. The announcements list is a web part that is standard on a Team Site and is used to share useful bits of information with your team.
Create and share calendars with team members and synchronize with Outlook.
​All teams and companies use calendars in one form or another. SharePoint’s calendar functionality is easy to use to manage calendar data. Calendars can also be easily synchronized with Microsoft Outlook
Share important contacts with your team and synchronize with Outlook
​Contact management in SharePoint is very strong – you can share your contacts with your team and link them to your Outlook client. When you create a contact in a SharePoint contacts list you can also add custom meta data such as an account number.
​Document Level Security
Users can only see the information that they can access.
​SharePoint’s security now only allows users to see what they can access – administrators can set access on a per document level. Granular control over individual document's helps to provide a better experience for users, and higher confidence by administrators.
Share your links to other resources with your team.
​We all have many links we manage – in SharePoint’s case that can be links to other sites, documents or lists. Team members can create their own custom links lists to provide easy access to the document and information necessary to have easy access to.
Create, assign and track shared tasks with your team.
​We all have items we need to follow up and do by a particular date – SharePoint provides the tasks list as a way to managing tasks, assigning responsibility and tracking progress. Now you can easily create a task, assign it and keep up to date with how it is progressing within your team.
​Gantt Project Charts
Organize, schedule, assign and track projects and delivers with your team.
​The basic project management in SharePoint has been improved to now include basic Gantt project charts. Gantt charts are used to manage timelines and deliverables. Specific issues and items on times can be also assigned to members of your team who will receive an e-mail with their new project task or responsibility.
​​Discussion Forums
Discuss issues and documents easily within your SharePoint Site.
​Discussion forums are the place to share information about your projects and documents on your SharePoint site. Users can also respond via e-mail to SharePoint discussions making it easier to interact with e-mail only internet access.
​Meeting Sites
Organize meeting materials including agendas, attendees and decisions.
​Are you having trouble managing all your meeting materials for clients, staff meetings, or partners? SharePoint provides an excellent meeting management tool to organize agendas, documentation and attendees.
​Export Data
Easily export to list data to an Excel spreadsheet for offline use.
​SharePoint lists and survey results can be exported in the popular Excel spreadsheet format. This allows you to analyze data captured in SharePoint offline or provide it other individuals in your organization.
​Document Review Sites
Review and tracking document changes with your team in this work space
​Review and tracking document changes with your team in this work space
​Document Libraries
Create multiple libraries for all your content with easy and secure sharing.
​Think of SharePoint document libraries as the replacement to your “shared network drive” on your office local area network. Document libraries are the heart of SharePoint document management. You can easily map a SharePoint document library as a Shared Network Place for drag and drop file management.
​* Form Libraries
Create XML form libraries with SharePoint and InfoPath
​XML forms have become an important part of information management at businesses small and large. Whether its expense reports, vacation requests….
​Picture Libraries
Share pictures and graphics with your team and other collaborators.
​Do you have pictures, PowerPoint slides, or graphics that you need to manage and distribute to your team for presentations and website updates? SharePoint provides a great way to manage all your images which integrates nicely with Windows’s Picture Manager.
​Issue Tracking
Create and track issues and status with your team.
​SharePoint features an issues tracking list which allows users to track, assign, and report on issue status. Oftentimes an organization deploying new systems will use an issue tracking list to monitor and report on software bugs or problems. This list can be easily customized into a new application tracking just about any issue your organization deals with.
Easily survey your team and website users with SharePoint surveys.
​New in SharePoint is basic question branching logic allowing you to dynamically present your survey takers with different questions based on their previous responses. SharePoint survey results can also be exported as an Excel file allowing for further analysis on your local computer.
​Custom Lists
Create the columns and data types that you need to manage your information.
​Custom lists are more powerful than ever. New field and column options allow you to create powerful and dynamic lists with linked fields. Custom lists can be made in several minutes and do not require any computer programming skills, but can be customized by experienced developers to become the base of powerful SharePoint applications at your company.
​Web Parts *
Create, customize, and add the web parts you need.
​Web parts are easily customizable to suit your purposes and can display a summarization of information depending on the parameters you supply to the web part.There are some technical and security limitations that restrict 3rd party non-Microsoft software in our shared hosting environment.Netways offers many 3rd party web parts – please request a quote for exactly what software you require.
​Technical Support
Expert technical support by phone, email or through our tutorial content.
​Netways provides expert technical support available. Support available 24/7 at by emailing with your issue after which you will be assigned a support ticket number. Please refer for support procedure and SLA types for more information.
​Google Analytics
Web analytics solution that gives you rich insights.
​Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.
​* Google Urchin
Pinnacle self-hosted web analytics software
​Google Urchin represents the pinnacle self-hosted web analytics software, with a feature set only Google Analytics can compete with. This option must be purchased with an annual hosting plan.
​Social Media
Use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.
​Use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue, in additional to hosting package new Facebook page also Twitter page will be created and credentials to be transferred to you.
​Monitoring 24/7
Create the columns and data types that you need to manage your information.
​Site will be under monitoring 24/7

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